Android Tip: Adding Album Art (Android 4.1.1)

After properly changing the details of my mp3 files and moving them to my phone, I had yet to add Album Art.
A little bit of digging got me this wonderful app named Album Art Grabber. It’s a free App available in the Google Play store that will find all audio files found on your device, and give you the option to browse the web for album art for each file selected. You can also overwrite the audio files’ album art by choosing an image file downloaded onto your device itself.

So here’s a little step by step by step guide on how to use Album Art Grabber and make sure that your album art will appear correctly in the native Google Play Music application (Android 4.1.1).

  1. Open Album Art Grabber (Fig. 1)
  2. Choose the album, and select where you want to look for your album art (Fig. 2)
  3. Browse by Artist name or browse by Album name (Fig. 3a and Fig. 3b)
  4. Select and set the album art you want (Fig. 4)
  5. Open the app drawer, drag the Play Music native app to “App Info”
  6. This window should appear (Fig. 5); Force stop app and Clear Data
  7. Open the Play Music application, and rejoice! (Fig. 6)

Album Art in Google Play

Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC

It’s been a little less than a month that the Armored Kill DLC has been available for Battlefield 3! It’s a great amount of fun, although I haven’t had much time to play it lately. That being said, the mystery around the next DLC, Aftermath, is making me look forward to playing it! This isn’t really news for anyone who has been keeping track of the DLCs, but Aftermath will include the following:

  • Urban warfare on four new maps
  • Fight through the dust and rubble, use the earthquake damaged terrain to your tactical advantage
  • New heavily modified military and civilian vehicles – ingenuity and firepower combined
  • New game mode
  • New assignments, achievements and dog tags

At the time of writing this, no details nor screenshots have been released for the Aftermath DLC, but the descriptions above sound promising. The possible addition of several civilian vehicles could be fun. As for the unnamed and undescribed new game mode, we’ll have to see! I’m expecting a clever variation of Rush mode. Expected this December 2012, I have plenty of other games (and classes) to keep me busy in the mean time.

More details will be updated directly on Battlelog!

Concept art from the Aftermath DLC. Expected December 2012!

Java Swing: Auto-Scrolling JScrollPane (i.e. Chat Window)

This is just a short tutorial on how to make an auto scrolling pane in Java Swing. I was doing a chat client not too long ago, so I figured I’d assemble this short Swing tutorial for those interested in this particular behavior. This uses a JTextArea and a JScrollPane. I commented most of the lines, but I invite you to refer to the Java API for methods you don’t fully understand. Feel free to ask questions or suggest improvements in the comments section! Click here for the code.

Auto-Scrolling JTextArea/JScrollPane

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